Model Workshops

Best Model Workshops in California!


Are you ready to break into professional modeling?

At HMM, we LOVE MODELING and have the most fun and informative MODEL WORKSHOPS in the BAY AREA!   Workshops are designed for NEW FACES and PRO MODELS who are committed to the modeling industry and want to stay on top of their game. HMM workshops are coached by Traci Halvorson and help build confidence and prepare models for testing, go-sees, bookings, auditions and fashion shows.  

New faces entering the business of professional modeling and runway should be prepared. HMM is NOT a modeling school. Workshops are one time only. Workshops are held at Halvorson Model Agency in Santa Clara, CA.   BE READY! 😀

RUNWAY Workshop Date:  MARCH 31st/SAT

Walk like a Fashion Model and Master the Runway in 2Hrs!  This super fast pace workshop is open to new & pro runway models. Learn several catwalk styles and a fabulous runway routine. Also included: Audition tips and Informal Modeling!                                                

Runway Workshop is for M/F Ages 16-40 (2HRS/$60) Runway workshop is educational and NOT inclusive of signing with HMM.

MODEL 101 Workshop Date:   APRIL 7th/SAT

HMM Model 101 is an entry level workshop designed to prepare new agency girls on local modeling. Workshop includes:  Modeling advice, terminology, posing, interview skills, and intro to basic runway.

MODEL 101 is for girls Ages 14-25   (2.5HRS/ $75)    Model 101 is educational and NOT inclusive of signing with HMM.

*Please note:  Model 101 is not open to the public.

GET ON THE LIST!  Email us 4 photos, AGE & STATS to be considered.  Space is Limited  🙂