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Traci Halvorson has been involved in the modeling industry for over 20+ years; She was a professional model in California when she started her own business: Halvorson Model Management (HMM)in 1992. Today, HMM is a thriving, full service, CA. Licensed Talent Agency located in Santa Clara on Stevens Creek Blvd-the heart of Silicon Valley. Traci is a native to the South Bay and her reputation precedes her for the dedication and service to her models and clients. She’s known as one of the most approachable and informative Talent Agents in the San Francisco Bay Area.

In the 90’s, Traci integrated her professional modeling career, scouting new faces and client contacts and began building her agency empire. Traci’s management style is always in the best interest of each model- coaching positive advice in a protective and healthy environment.
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Traci graduated from San Jose State Univ. with a BA Degree in Public Relations and Business Mgmt. It was then she decided to debut her own Model Agency in the territory she knows best= SILICON VALLEY. Word quickly spread there was new boutique Model Agency (Female owned)in San Jose! Within a few years- Halvorson Model Management became Silicon Valley’s primary source for talent. Traci’s PR & marketing background has taken HMM Models to the top of her industry, recognized globally and adored locally– she holds a major presence on social media. FOLLOW her agency on INSTAGRAM, TWITTER, FACEBOOK!

In 1999, Traci brought her Mother, Jill Halvorson aboard to assist her with her growing list of models and clients. Together, they have the vision to manage and book top models from Silicon Valley and attract major advertising clients. They believe in strong core family values and make each model welcome in their HMM home. The Halvorson Agency represents over 300+ Professional Models & Actors in these divisions: Commercial-Lifestyle-Fashion print, Runway, TV/Videos, Special Events & Corporate-Tradeshows.

The Halvorson’s focus is QUALITY models over QUANTITY and they continue to find and sign the BEST models in the BAY AREA— from Santa Rosa to Carmel! The Halvorsons are strong advocates for local Teen and Women shelters and huge supporters of Project Pink-Breast Cancer Awareness, American Heart Association and the Humane Society of Silicon Valley.

ADVICE FOR TEEN MODELS: STAY IN SCHOOL-Have fun! Focus on your GPA 3.0+ PLAN A is always college. Once you graduate from HS, choose a major city so you can combine modeling with college. We highly recommend N.Calif for the best colleges and agency! Consider these courses in HS or college to help with your modeling career: DRAMA, PHOTOGRAPHY, FOREIGN LANGUAGE, PUBLIC RELATIONS, BUSINESS 101, and GEOGRAPHY.
Don’t be hard on yourself –have patience –build your book {Test often!} and get comfortable in front of the camera. Study magazines and learn a MINIMUM of 20 model poses AND How to work the runway! Your confidence, professionalism and attitude are critical for modeling, go-sees, bookings and the rest of your life!! Stay positive and never give up. HMM is a great jump start to a successful future.

ADVICE FOR PARENTS: It means the world to your teen to have support when starting a modeling career. Working with HMM is a team effort and a informative learning process with each new model. For minors, good grades are mandatory in order to model in California and with HMM. All work is part-time and there is NO pressure to model or travel. The agency requires responsibilities: Staying in shape/taking care of yourself, checking “IN”, checking emails/replying, following instructions, being on time, prepared, professional and reliable at all times. The Halvorson’s believe in Confident & Happy models and promoting a HEALTHY body image. Silicon Valley is a professional market with friendly,first class clients and everyone is pre-screened.